Mother and Baby


It can often feel quite daunting when you bring your baby home, often feeling like what do I do! My online course is packed full of information on newborn development so that you can understand your newborn baby, making it easier for you to help them transition from womb to world.


You will be able to understand how your baby's digestion works, what their sleep patterns are and what you can do to recreate the womb.


It also includes videos of how to settle and soothe your baby, how to massage your newborn and how to help with wind and gas.


There is also a section on Mummy Care, with self care advice, meditations and content on your pelvic floor.

Not only do you get unlimited access to the course to learn in your own time but you also get access to a private Facebook group dedicated to mothers during the fourth trimester where there will be support, guidance and there to answer your questions.


Price: £25.00 Per Group Attendee

£35.00 private one to one workshops
( Contact direct to book )



Teething is often dreaded by parents and can also be misunderstood.


During our 90 minute workshop you will learn how teething can affect your baby and aspects of their life.

We look at the signs of teething, when baby cuts their teeth, ways to support your little one during and also products that are natural, including massage. 


Afterwards whilst enjoying tea and cake you will make your own teething necklace made with grade safe silicone beads to take home and enjoy.


£18 Per Family.

£22.00 private one to one workshops
( Contact direct to book )

Includes make your own teething necklace, goody bag for mums and massage routine to continue at home. 


Are you about to start your weaning journey, or have maybe not long started?

🍉 Are you unsure of the difference between traditional and baby led weaning.

🥕 Wondering what foods to start with first and would like to recipe inspiration

🍐Have you thought about the transition from bottle to cup and would like to discuss weaning onto cows milk.

This workshop covers all of this, including allergies, concerns and NHS guidelines.

You will receive meal guides, Weaning booklet, follow up support and access to our private parent and baby support group.

Price: £15 Per Family



Children need to be physically, cognitively and emotionally ready to successfully potty train, and these things often don't occur at the same time! Understanding how little ones bodies and brains develop, will help you choose the right time for your own child, using child led techniques to support and reassure them along the way.


In this workshop, we cover:


💩 What is a Child Led Approach?

💩 Physical Development

💩 Constipation

💩 Recognising Physical Cues

💩 What is Cognitive Development?

💩 Recognising Cognitive Development Cues

💩 Emotional Readiness - Understanding how to deal with Regression, Refusal and Accidents

💩 How to say Goodbye to Nappies!  


Whether you're already potty training, experiencing regression in a potty trained child, or just want to be prepared I can help! 

Price: £15

£20 private one to one workshops
( Contact direct to book ) 

All workshops can be organised as private or group workshops.


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