Sleep is a top topics amongst parents and one that can have a big impact on a child and family’s life.


As a mother of a child who was a sleep thief I hear you when you are questioning your sanity, wondering if your child will ever sleep like others seem to!


I read every book on routines and found myself becoming more and more stressed...until the day I threw them away and followed my daughters lead, and worked with holistic methods that aligned with us. No cry it out, No pickup, put down!  

As a gentle and holistic sleep coach, I am here to support you and your family with your sleep worries. My methods are to help empower you as parents to feel confident about sleep without using cry it out strategies. 

Each plan is tailored and bespoke so you know that you are getting the best guidance for your family life, child's temperament and with all budgets in mind.

Unsure which package is for you, then why not book a discovery 15 minute call with me! These can be booked via email or text.

This is a 2 hour evidence based workshop regarding sleep, to help you to:

Understand babies sleep

Understand night conditions and support baby needs

Bridging the gap between expectation and reality

Understand how babies sleep differs from ours

Gentle and holistic tips

I have three packages:

0-6 months

6-12 months

12-18 months

Price: £25.00 Per Attendee
(Additional £10 for partners)

This package is perfect for those of you that are wanting to discuss your concerns and worries, or to know that you are on the right track.

Our power hour session allows you to ask any  questions you may have or discuss a particular area of sleep and receive appropriate support. 

Price: £55.00 

This package is for parents who would like support that is bespoke and affordable. 


Prior to our call you will receive a detailed questionnaire to complete to enable me to provide you with bespoke solutions for you and your family. 


You will have chance to discuss your sleep worries followed by advice and steps to make. You will receive via email your sleep plan within 24 hours of our call with how to implement the solutions discussed, along with steps for the future. 


Price: £110

This is my complete sleep support package, designed to give parents a full personalised package filled with lots of support and guidance over a period of time.


We will discuss all things sleep, ways in which you can help your little one and family that is tailored to your needs. 

Upon booking you will be sent a detailed questionnaire to complete to enable me to asses a day in the life of you and baby, and to look at a personalised plan for you. 

We will then have an in depth discussion via telephone call to discuss your questionnaire and your sleep questions.

A personalised plan will be sent via email with 24 hours of our call and you will receive  my full support for two weeks via message or email to help implement the plan and allow for tweaks to be made. 

As well as all of this support you have a 30 minute follow up call with me which can be taken anytime up to fours weeks after our initial call or book a home visit.

Price: £225 

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